T-Shirt 01

„I like the idea that people from Tanzania and Germany are doing this project together.“

Selemani Issa Omari

T-Shirt 02

„That piece of art is my gratitude to nurses, doctors and health care workers, it is a reminder of what they did. They were the heros of this time. The artwork is my way of giving back to them.“

Boniface Kastor Mwiru

T-Shirt 03

„I want to emphasize people to be in love and not pretend to be in love.“

Abduly Muyu

T-Shirt 04

„I want to show people and the young generation in Tanzania to use your talent to achieve your goals.“

Mselem Suna Mwinyi

T-Shirt 05

„The people are wearing my art and carrying it through the world means a lot to me. I am thankful for it.“

Allen Enock Abeid

T-Shirt 06

„I want to make it possible for me and other people to live their life through art just like any other profession.“

Annah Lot Nkyalu

T-Shirt 07

„I really want my work of art to go a long way. As I struggle every day, I know that I make progress and my work will get better.“

Emanuel Peter Amos

T-Shirt 08

„I want my art to speak about all problems facing our society. In this artwork I wanted to portray calmness and serenity of people when they have confidence in ther beauty.“

James Ashuba Choga

T-Shirt 09

„We love to see the sunrise in the morning when we can see it on the horizon. It is the symbol for new hopes and new days.“

Msafiri Ramadhan Mrisho

T-Shirt 10

„There is something wonderful to this. I feel proud of being a part of this project.“
Siasa Kondo Sultani

T-Shirt 11

„I like the idea that people in Germany are seeing my artwork. It makes me feel like now I am doing something that might work.“

Victor Gataya

T-Shirt 12

„I am a self-taught artist. Seeing that you can get connected to the people through art gives me confidence that this was the right decision.“

Athuman Hamis

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