Erste Kollektion

Die nachfolgenden Stoffbeutel waren während unserer ersten Kampagne im Dezember/Januar verfügbar. Aktuell findet kein Verkauf der Stoffbeutel statt. Sei gespannt auf unsere nächste Kollektion! Im Juli geht es wieder los!

Du willst den nächsten Drop nicht verpassen?

Stoffbeutel 01

„People will know me – I will make a name for myself as an artist. In the future I want to sell my artwork all over the world.“

Mselem Suna Mwinyi

Stoffbeutel 02

„I believe there will be a feeling of appreciation and support. You never know what else connection there will be.“

Boniface Kastor Mwiru

Stoffbeutel 03

„Art makes me connected the other people, like you- It is so valuable to have connection to people all over the world.“

Siasa Kondo Sultani

Stoffbeutel 04

„I think there will be a connection between me and the one wearing my shirt.“

Selemani Issa Omari

Stoffbeutel 05

„The lion is the king of the jungle. He will never give up on his dreams and will always continue. That is a sign of strength.“

Mselem Suna Mwinyi

Stoffbeutel 06

„I want to share the idea of my art, teach people in different countries and spread love.“

Abduly Muyu

Stoffbeutel 07

„I would like to make a lot of people very happy with my art.“

Msafiri Ramadhan Mrisho

Stoffbeutel 08

„This artwork shows the love between animals and nature. It tells that animals, human beings and nature need to take care of each other.“

Selestian James Masoloja

Stoffbeutel 09

„I wish that through my art I can be connected to the people who will wear them.“

Siasa Kondo Sultani

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