The mirror

von Athuman Hamis (“Ochu”)

59 x 43 cm


Acryl auf Leinwand


„The mirror is where you can see you and you can see everything you do at the time. You can’t cheat on it . I painted this painting when I was in my holiday I was sitting at the beach and see clouds which was reflected in the sea. It was my beautiful moment to me for just watching the clouds in the water and my mind started changing and think that For example someone can push me I can fall to the sky. But It was only thinking in my mind. And I started thinking this can be an easiest way to jump on the sky and forget that was only a water reflection. This is how the life is Someone can see the beautiful things and think that he/she can just passing through the mirror and take it or just double it. It’s not easy life is like a mirror when you smile it smiles when you cry it can also help you on crying.“

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