Erste Kollektion

Die nachfolgenden Hoodies waren während unserer ersten Kampagne im Dezember/Januar verfügbar. Aktuell findet kein Verkauf der Hoodies statt. Sei gespannt auf unsere nächste Kollektion! Bald geht es wieder los!

Du willst den nächsten Drop nicht verpassen?

Hoodies 01

„With my art I want to show the society that art is a major part of all our lives. Together we can push it to the next level.“

Mickidad Raymond Said

Hoodies 02

„The Massai are a big tribe that is known to be strong. When they are together they show unity and powerness.“

Mselem Suna Mwinyi

Hoodies 03

„The T-Shirts that the people will wear will spread the message of love positivity and unity among people.“

Editha Gyindo

Hoodies 04

„This piece of art intends to show the feeling of animals. What we do to their lives and their space is not good. We can do better.“

Siasa Kondo Sultani

Hoodies 05

„Why? – Because I like art. I feel like it is a way to explain your feelings. When I do art, for me it’s like I got good feelings coming to me.“

Selestian James Masoloja

Hoodies 06

„I decided to be an artist because I have something to give to the people. Not just here in Tanzania but all over the world.“

Mushi J. Lazaro

Hoodies 07

„The lion is the king of the jungle. He will never give up on his dreams and will always continue. That is a sign of strength.“

Mselem Suna Mwinyi

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