Sweatshirt “Nasri” Backprint

Sweatshirt “Nasri” Backprint

This longsleeve sweater was designed with the painting “Woman maasai culture dance” by Nasri Daudi.


100% organic cotton.


Nasri Daudi

Nasri Daudi is a young, very talented artist from Stone Town, Zanzibar. His works focus on African and Tanzanian culture, which he illustrates in a particularly emotion-based way.


The “Nasri” sweatshirt is part of our collection “ndoto.traum”. The campaign reveals the intersections of our dreams, and those of Tanzanian artists and people.


The sweatshirt becomes a fascinating design with expressiveness thanks to its backprint, based on the painting “Woman maasai culture dance” by Nasri Daudi.


On the chest you wear a white lettering, among others with our campaign title ndoto.traum and the Tanzania coordinates.


As with all our products, only 100% organic cotton is used to make the “Nasri” sweatshirt.


Who is the sweatshirt “Nasri” intended for? For those who feel like wearing it, in fact, you will find exclusively unisex products.

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