Sweatshirt “Haji” Backprint

Sweatshirt “Haji” Backprint

This sweatshirt was designed with the painting “Masai Women” by Haji Chilonga.


Haji receives 10% of the proceeds from each purchase.


100% organic cotton


Haji Chilonga

Haji Chilonga is a sculptor and painter, but painting is his real passion, as it inspires him like nothing else. His works mostly depict scenes from real and everyday life, which he is inspired to create during his travels.


The sweatshirt “Haji” is part of our new collection “ona”. The campaign “ona” represents the different levels of perception with which we can discover Tanzanian art. We would like to invite you to engage with the motifs and feel the emotions of art beyond mere visual contemplation and wear them with pride in your everyday life.


The sweatshirt becomes a fashionable one-of-a-kind with its backprint, based on the painting “Masai Women” by Haji Chilonga.


Like all our products, the “Haji” sweatshirt is made of 100% organic cotton and is vegan. The sweatshirt has a unisex cut.


Haji receives 10% of the net revenue from each product sold. You also present his art to the world day after day. Your sweatshirt, your support for Haji and East African art.

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We are still a very young social start-up, so for financial and strategic reasons we produce “On Demand“. You order, we produce your product & within a few weeks it is with you!

This is also good for the environment, because no piece is left over in the end.

And by the way … anticipation is known to be the best joy. We treat you to this time to the fullest. 😉

Thank you for your patience & understanding!

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