What does Asante Sanaa do?

Painting purchase

Establishment of an intercultural network

Asante Sanaa is not only backed by our team in Germany. Since our first campaign, word of our project has spread to Tanzania. In the meantime we can count more than 100 artists to our network, from whom we import paintings to Germany.

Art on your shirt

Design and production of fair, unique fashion

We help the artists to market their products in Germany. This is done not only through the sale of paintings, but also through fashion items, such as T-shirts or hoodies, which we print with paintings and thus turn into an international traveling exhibition.

Stronger together

Financial support of the artists through revenues

The proceeds from the sales will benefit the artists and their families. 2/3 of the sale price of the paintings goes directly to the respective artists. 10% of the sales from the printed articles goes to Africa. This allows us to grow sustainably while making an impact.

Kastor Boniface Mwiru

46 years, Tanzania

Boniface Kastor Mwiru

“My artistic work preserves, questions and speaks about my feelings and our situation.”

How did you experience the Corona crisis?

I could not work. No buyers came. That had a big impact on my income. I even had to take my son out of school because I could no longer pay the fees.

I could rely on my friends at first, but permanently, of course, I need my steady job back.

What does Asante Sanaa mean to you?

The fact that my paintings are sold and printed on T-shirts means a lot to me. I am glad to have the opportunity to show my talent on the other side of the world.

Through Asante Sanaa, I was able to send my son back to school. I have very high hopes for this project.

“I decided to become an artist because I have something to show to people all over the world.”

How did you experience the Corona crisis?

There are still not many guests coming, so I’m struggling with my income right now.

The art market here in Bagamoyo needs visitors to buy our paintings.

I would like my art to be seen not only here in Tanzania, but also in other countries.

What does Asante Sanaa mean to you?

In this project I see an opportunity for art to be shared all over the world. I use my artwork to communicate with others – now I can do the same with people from Germany.

Through art we can all be connected, which is very important right now.


25 years, Tanzania

Mushi James Lazaro


for us sustainably produced shirts in Kenya

Our t-shirts are made from local organic cotton in Kenya.


have gone to Kenya for the production of the shirts

The production facility is called “Kiboko” and provides a fairly paid workplace for about 80 employees.


Seamstresses are involved in the production of the shirts

Your order can also secure their jobs.

The team

We have already been working together as a team on Asante Sanaa since September 2020.

We are glad to be able to welcome new faces again and again and thus strengthen our team!

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