Asante Sanaa - Thanks to art!

Asante Sanaa is a social start-up that sells the paintings of East African artists in Europe and thus offers them an extraordinary stage.
At the same time, we have created a fashion brand around the art, which diversifies the income of the artists and contributes to sustainable fashion consumption.

This is how Asante Sanaa works:




13.000 €

directly to our artists

Through the sale of the paintings and our fashion products, we have already been able to pay out over 13,000 euros to our artists.

We are.

Asante Sanaa is an art fashion brand. We show you the beauty of East African paintings.

And in a very special way: we design motifs for various fashion items with the paintings of our artists.

By combining the unique art with sustainable and fairly produced fashion, we make East African art and culture more tangible and accessible to all.

This creates cultural understanding and gives the artists an international stage on which they can express themselves.

What happened so far…

Establishment of an intercultural network

Asante Sanaa is not only backed by our team in Germany. Since our first collection, word of our project has spread to East Africa. In the meantime we can count more than 100 artists to our network, whose paintings we give a stage by the sales in Germany.

With your shirt into the world

Past collections

With our fashion items, such as T-shirts or hoodies, you can join us and many others in taking art out into the world. This is how a traveling exhibition is created that gives more and more paintings visibility.

Stronger together

Find out what impact your purchase has with us

With every purchase of a product from asante sanaa you support our artists and their families directly on site. From the selling price of the paintings 2/3 go directly to the corresponding artists. In addition, the artists:inside receive 10% of the proceeds from the fashion and print products. This allows us to grow sustainably while making an impact.

Our Mission.

Fighting injustice:
give African artists the international attention they deserve

Artists:inside the pandemic build more diversified income

Intercultural Exchange:
Art as a bridge builder between Europe and Africa

Did you know?

Asante Sanaa is Kiswahili and can be translated as “thank you art”. When written asante sana, on the other hand, means “thank you very much”.

The team.

Behind Asante Sanaa is a team of volunteer students from all over Germany. Since our inception in September 2020, we have been working together on asante sanaa, sharing our passion for social entrepreneurship, East African art, and sustainable fashion.

We are part of the StartUp Point Bayreuth

and a project of Enactus Bayreuth e.V.