Asante Sanaa - Einzigartige Kunst aus ostafrika trifft nachhaltige, fair produzierte Mode


“ndoto.traum” stands for the future dreams of our Tanzanian artists and of all of us. What dreams can we recognize in the paintings of our artists? Where can we live dreams together? Every shirt, every burlap bag, every sweatshirt is part of an artistic vision – and so much more than just a piece of clothing.

Experience live

14.07. – 17.07.2022 – Wassertrüdingen

Africa & Caribbean Festival

22.07. – 24.07.2022 – Frankfurt am Main

African cultural festival

30.07.2022 – Bayreuth

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This is Asante Sanaa!

How are the artists helped?

Due to the lack of tourism as a result of the Corona pandemic, many artists in Tanzania are facing massive financial problems.

Together we can help Tanzanian artists with their problem and build a cultural bridge to Germany.

What is the project about?

Asante Sanaa prints the artists’ paintings on T-shirts, hoodies, and burlap bags.

The original and unique paintings of the artists are also sold here in Germany.

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